Environmental policy

This statement outlines our commitment to strive for the continual improvement of our environmental performance. Compliance with all environmental legislation pertinent to our activities is a minimum requirement and an integral part of management policy. In addition, we will:

Raise awareness and encourage environmentally-responsible behaviour in the workplace by effective communication and training employees in environmental matters

Create a paperless office environment by converting documents and other papers into digital form

Reduce the amount of waste we produce and minimise our environmental impact by following the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle

Promote active recycling of generated waste and endeavour to replace the use of non-sustainable natural resources

Identify environmental risks and use all practical measures to reduce those risks

Have an on-going commitment to informing and educating legitimate interested parties about our activities

Have an on-going commitment to develop all personnel

Wherever possible source materials and services locally to minimise transport impacts and support the local economy

Work with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment

Endeavour to minimise wastage of energy from our activities and ensure that all staff are encouraged to consider and reduce energy usage

Use contractors for road transportation who are committed to using only Euro 4 and upwards vehicles across their fleet including rental vehicles