Digital Learning Experiences

Designing & building the future of learning experiences

Healthcare professionals expect highly engaging, relevant, and up-to-date medical education experiences that are available in their moment of need.

Our team of designers, developers and creatives are experts at taking your existing materials and turning them into engaging learning experiences, breathing life into complex scientific topics, breaking down concepts into digestible chunks and creating interactive elements.


We work with a range of e-learning authoring tools and Learning Management Systems (LMS) to develop interactive content for existing educational portals or to be utilised within our HCP Engagement Platform for blended learning experiences.

Virtual reality (VR)

Use VR for medical simulations, virtual clinics, surgical procedures, patient perspectives, laboratory tours and to showcase products to customers and commercial teams.

Augmented reality (AR)

Use AR applications on smartphones or tablets to look inside or overlay content on top of objects in the physical world. Trigger engaging content from markers or images to drive engagement and target your message.

Mixed reality (MR)

Use MR headsets to develop powerful collaborative experiences to showcase a product, medical simulation or environment such as a hospital or laboratory.

We will support you at every stage of your journey, from strategy to a fully customised learning platform.

  • Creative concept development
  • User experience and instructional design
  • Key educational message development
  • Content crafting and shaping for digital consumption
  • Alignment on technical solutions
  • Video production, 3D animation, motion graphics, 360 video
  • Interactivity; knowledge checks, quizzes, assessments, surveys
  • Metrics and reporting

All-in-one partner

We act as your innovation and design hub, working on concepts beamed from the future.

We partner with brand, medical, market access and country teams across:

Creative Content
& Adaption

e-Learning &
Immersive Technology

Virtual &