AVT Connect partnered with The Brighton Centre to create the interactive industry event: Sustainability, The Future and You. Attended by leading event professionals, the half-day meeting covered all things sustainable, demonstrating ways in which future events can be both environmentally responsible and financially successful.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Held at the Brighton Centre, a venue accredited with world-class standards of environmental management, the objective was to discuss and debate the benefits of using a sustainable events programme and to address a number of hot topics over a short period of time.

Sustainability, The Future and You needed to be a highly interactive event, which altogether eliminated the need of printed materials. AVT Connect would therefore facilitate the debate on sustainability by using a paperless technology-led solution.

T H E   R E S U L T S

The inclusion of live polls and surveys allowed organisers to gain an immediate insight from the audience about topics discussed.

98% of attendees agreed that sustainable event technology was crucial to the future of event management.

“The challenges for the sector are identifying successful strategies for incorporating this existing and valuable channel into sustainable event formats as they evolve. The iPad offering increases participation and interactivity, meaning that valuable real-time analysis and insight is a possibility for the first time.”

AVT Connect CEO Jon Fox

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